HMS UW11 handle
HMS UW11 handle
HMS UW11 handle
HMS UW11 handle
HMS UW11 handle
HMS UW11 handle
HMS UW11 handle
HMS UW11 handle

HMS UW11 handle

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Informacije o artiklu

UW11 HMS is a handle designed for training on the upper and lower lift. I mainly use it to train the widest back muscles, and with proper positioning also to train the abdominal muscles. Internal handles allow you to train biceps and triceps.
The shape of the handle allows a more extensive range of motion than a straight or narrow handle. It allows stronger muscle tone, resulting in more effective training. Its construction guarantees perfect hand position and forces proper movement. The wide spacing of the handle allows you to perform the exercise at a different angle than with a narrow handle. It gives the possibility of effective training and full development of the muscle group. Made of steel gives the opportunity to train with a significant load.
The outer handles are set in a neutral grip. Thanks to this, during the exercise, it engages alternative muscle trailers in relation to exercises on a straight grip. Rubber handles allow for a firm and comfortable grip, which will allow you to focus on doing the exercises accurately.
The UW11 HMS model will easily and effectively allow you to develop back muscles as well as smaller muscle groups.


- Material: high quality steel, rubber
- Designed for upper and lower lift

Technical data:

- Width: 210 mm
- Length: 420 mm
- Chuck diameter: 35 mm


It is not intended for commercial use
24 months warranty

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