Meteor rubber ball 20cm 31164 blue

Meteor rubber ball 20cm 31164 blue

DDV vštet in poštnina izračunana na blagajni.
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Meteor 20cm rubber ball

Multifunctional rubber ball Meteor 20cm is great for pilates or other stretching and relaxation activities. Irreplaceable in rehabilitation. With this ball, while stretching, you can strengthen your muscles and relieve the lumbar spine. Very useful for overweight people, pregnant women or people after injuries who gradually return to exercise. It is a great relaxation tool and introduces variety to training.

Also suitable for children. They can play with it in the water and on the beach. It is lightweight so its use is safe for children.


  • diameter - 20cm
  • weight - 90g (+/- 2g)
  • useful during relaxation and stretching classes
  • irreplaceable in rehabilitation
  • allows you to strengthen the muscles while relieving the lumbar spine
  • ideal for exercises for overweight people, after injuries and pregnant women
  • light and soft does not pose a threat to children during play
  • the ball needs to be inflated before use


  • blue

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