Trusox Thin football socks, navy blue

Trusox Thin football socks, navy blue

DDV vštet in poštnina izračunana na blagajni.
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Trusox Thin football socks, navy blue

Trusox socks are a real revolution on the football equipment market! They offer a new dimension of stability that will make your results even better. Greater maneuverability, faster response to field events and maximum control over your own moves. Anti-slip echo technologies used in Trusox products help improve speed, agility and provide faster response.


  • the best football socks from Trusox
  • anti-slip panels ensure proper grip
  • microvilli used in the panels penetrate the pores in the skin, providing even better stability
  • anti-slip panels eliminate even the slightest movement of the foot in the shoe
  • tall Thin model - thinner, with smaller volume - ideal for new, unbroken shoes


  • polyester


  • navy blue
  • white elements

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