Roller, QB 711 wheel

Roller, QB 711 wheel

DDV vštet in poštnina izračunana na blagajni.
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A roller is a simple device that allows you to do exercises that strengthen many different muscle groups at the same time. Thanks to it, the arms, back, forearms and stomach become harder and nicely sculpted. The colors of the material refer to the colors of nature, and the EcoWellness brand selection emphasizes the user's care for the environment.

A small device supporting strength training and fitness,
Durable, simple to use and store,
Suitable for beginners and advanced users,
High-quality materials safe for the user and the environment have been used
Comfortable handles coated with material that prevents hand slipping
Patented design
Roller diameter: 17 cm
Handle length: 10.5 cm
Steel shaft core


It enables training of many muscle groups at the same time
It allows you to diversify your training and provide new stimuli to your muscles,
By strengthening the deep muscles, it slims the waist and "straightens" the figure,
A good alternative to crunches, push-ups and other traditional exercises
Warranty: 12 months

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