Ecowellnes QM 211 massage bar
Ecowellnes QM 211 massage bar

Ecowellnes QM 211 massage bar

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Ecowellnes QM 211 massage bar

Massage bar made of high quality non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. It helps accelerate the regeneration of sore muscles and get rid of pain. It is simple to use and effective. Attractive colors refer to the colors of nature, and the EcoWellness brand selection emphasizes the user's care for the environment.


  • a comfortable, rubber grip coated with perforated tabs provides a secure grip,
  • a wide section for massage with specially designed projections of various shapes and sizes,
  • high quality non-toxic materials, they are safe for the user and the environment,
  • total product length 48 cm,
  • length of the massage part 25 cm,
  • handle length 11 cm.


helps reduce muscle pain, improves blood circulation before and after training and speeds up recovery time,
the materials used and the packaging method help to protect the environment.


  • Warranty: 12 months,
  • Product for home use.

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